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Automatic regular insert of income or expense

The option is on the menu: Settings->Fixed insert.
The interface is shown below:

The idea is that income and expenses that are identical each month don't have to be manually entered each month, but to define it on this module. The program will check for these entries in the current month and automatically insert defined income/outcome after a date that is setup as "Date in the month for payment".

First, the data from the image shall be filled:

How does it work

  The program works in the following way - once you fill the necessary information, each time you start the program, it will check to be sure that already exist income or outcome in the current month that match the defined date, category input and the amount. If there is no such a data, it will be inserted into database.
For example, if there is defined payment for the 14th day of the month, the program will check at startup if the date is greater than or equal to a defined date and whether it already exists such an entry for the current month.
Note: it's recommended that date is defined to be smaller than the 29th of the month, because in February with 28 days, program will never execute this command.

When we want to change the amount or there is no need for an automatic entry anymore, simply delete defined entry from the table for fixed income / expense.
Previously enrolled revenues or costs will not be touched from the database, but simply new entries will not be inserted.

Cron job (linux) or scheduled task (windows)

Another option of automatic enrollment is calling scripts outside of browser, i.e, launch the script from the operating system.
If there is a linux OS, cron job needs to be set up. For example, lynx or any browser shall launch http://localhost/home-booking/hr/autoinsert/check
(where localhost/name is path to program)

If there is a windows OS, scheduled task may be set to launch the script, for example:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\Firefox" http://localhost/home-booking/hr/autoinsert/check
(instead of firefox, set the path for browser on your computer. Again, localhost/home-booking is path to the program, change it to fit your need).


The program launches this check when you start home page. If there is another path in your bookmark, such as view of all records or something else, program will not automatically update your data.
In such a case, you may execute script on link:
Settings->Fixed insert->Start update of regular income/outcome

If you don't run the program for several months, and there is no cron job or scheduled task, there will be no reviews for previous months. Automatic insert will always run for the current month only.
It's possible to define timestamp, start of setup automatic inserts and checking for previous months.
Still, if this program is in use, it is expected that program will run several times per month in order to update the data.